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Yes, Son There Really Is A Santa Claus







The other day as I picked my kids up from daycare, the oldest son; Sam was extremely upset; not at all his usual joyful and ecstatic self.  I asked him what was wrong; he just shrugged his shoulders and continued moping and dragging his feet.  Later that night, after both children were in bed, I heard a faint sobbing noise.  I crept down the fall and into the kid’s dimly lit room.  Frank, my youngest son, was snoring quietly but Sam was crying into his pillow. He jumped as I patted his back.  “What’s wrong?” I whispered.  Sam looked up, caught his breath and asked, “Daddy is there really a Santa Claus?”


Having been a single parent since my ex-wife left to go find herself, I have experienced:  potty training, childhood illnesses, house cleaning, cooking, and everything parents go through with relative ease, (easy, because I love my boys), but upon hearing this my stomach clenched up, and a flood of emotions raced in.  My first reaction was anger, then, as I looked in Sam’s swollen red eyes, sadness set in.  I thought, why a four year old would be asking such an adult question.  Then I realized another dilemma, I play with my kids, joke with them, but have never, and never will, lie to them!  Looking over at my son, filled with eager anticipation. He was holding his breath and waiting for my response.  I put my arm around him and lovingly whispered into this ear.  “Yes son, there really is a Santa.”  Immediately, his little face lit up, and he began jabbering a million miles per hour about a large man in a red suit with a white beard, sleighs, reindeer, and all of the other cheerful items of Christmas.  My son’s mouth fell wide open, and a look of confusion crept over his face when I said, “Not exactly.”  “All of those things that you mentioned are symbols,”  I told my son, “that remind us of Christmas and Santa Claus, but Santa is much, much more than that.  Santa is everything you find in love, respect, a task well done, happiness, and many other wonderful things.”  I looked over, proud of my explanation, and asked, “Now do you understand?”  Sam stared back at me, as only a child can, and said, “No! If there is a real Santa, why can’t I see him come over on Christmas Eve with presents?”  I slowly shook my head and wondered if I should have initiated this possibly fruitless conversation.  Sam, (I hugged him and decided to try one more time), Santa is in all of us, you can’t see him, but every time you see a good deed, a happy sincere person, or just a simple unselfish deed, Santa Claus is there.  With all the uncertainty and cruelness in this old world, Santa may be getting harder to find, but he is still there.  We need him now more than ever.  “Hopefully my reasoning sunk in with my bewildered child.  I watched as a large grin spread across Sam’s face and he said, “I get it, Santa is like the wind, we can’t see it, but we can see when it is there, because of what it does.”  Now it was my turn to be confused, as I could only utter an intelligent, “Huh.”  Sam said, “Look Dad, we can’t see the wind, but a good wind cools us off in the summer, and makes our kites go up, but a bad wind blows down trees, and tears up houses.  Santa is like the good wind.”  My son put his arm on my shoulder, looked me in the eyes, and asked me if I understood.  Staring back at him, amazed at his four year old wisdom, I told him, “Yes, I do!”


I held my son in my arms ‘til he drifted off in a blissful sleep, feeling prouder than I have ever felt in my life.  I laid his little head on his pillow.  After kissing both my boys on the cheek, I started to leave, and then turned around for a last glance, and thought about how cruel the old world really can be.  I wondered how my two boys would do in it.  Hopefully, I will raise them properly, and they will be alright.  I felt my eyes water, and a lump forming in my throat, and could hardly mutter, “Goodnight guys, Daddy loves you.”


On behalf of myself, my wife, my two sons, all my friends and customers here at Synergy, I want to wish all of you and your families the very happiest and healthiest Holiday Season.  Merry Christmas to all!


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